Spells and Shadows By Sonja F. Blanco


Review to my Goodreads: A full of twists and a lot of character development in the story making the final book of the Witch of Ware Woods epic! There are a lot to like in the plots and characters but I am amazed with the thought of light and dark grimoires! They are a fun addition to the world of Ware Woods!  For those who loves fantasy, you will like this book as it contains about witches, wolves, vampires, dragons and so much more - a world inside a book that is well defined and descriptive, beautifully written. Well done, Sonja! ❤️☺️

Title: Spells and Shadows

Author: Sonja F. Blanco 

Type: Fiction

Category: Young Adult

Publisher: Five and Three Press

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Tropes: Found family, Slow burn romance, Bonded/Fated mates, Dark and Light magic, Magical world

Total Chapters: 46 + Epilogue

Total Pages: 401

Table of Contents: Yes

Summary From The Book: 

A forbidden spell.

An evil forged by shadows.

And a defiance that will bring the magical world to its knees.

Sara is reeling from a twisted betrayal and her unexpected part in increasing the Shadow Mother’s strength. Now she is forced to trust the secretive Global Council to vanquish the wicked entity. Except Sara isn’t one to place her fate in the hands of others.

When her intentions go horribly awry and dissent fractures the Global Council, Sara scrambles to convince the individual sacred sites of witches, shifters, and vampires to set aside centuries of deep-rooted distrust and join Ware Woods against the growing darkness. But not everyone believes in Sara.

Needing to stop the Shadow Mother before she claims Thomas, Sara risks everything on a bloody spell for knowledge—and discovers a fiery revelation.

As Ware Woods shatters around her and the safety of everyone she loves hangs in the balance, Sara must do the inconceivable. Become the sacrifice.

This breathtaking finale to the Witch of Ware Woods series is a fierce embrace of heart-pounding twists, fiery romance, wit, fury, and spine-tingling magic.

Perfect for fans of fierce females, swoony bonded mates, found family, banter, magical forests, treehouses, grimoires, and happily ever afters.

My Thoughts: 

The story started right after the second book and it is awesome because I felt like I am just watching episode per episode. Sara continues to make plans and gain allies to fight the darkest enemy. Specially when the love of her life, Thomas is in danger. 

Finally, in this book, the root of all Sara's trouble has finally been brought to light. The last part of the series is easy to finish and now I am hanging and I feel like the other characters and sacred sites deserves their own spin off stories. 

The point of view of the story is with Sara. 

My favorite character is Samson! I cannot believe I said that! LOL! But I also love the grimoires - they are a fun addition!

Major character arc and development for Sara in this book. Her attitude has also improved and she seemed more matured. 

My favorite part of the book is the story of the past.

Story might mention or contain: Death, murder, deception, violence. 

The title, Spells and Shadows, I think is meant to describe all the spells that Sara has to learn to undo the evil but for the shadows, it might mean a lot of things in the book - like Samson's power, or the dragons...

My Favorite Line/s:

"But you need to know the right choice is not the easiest choice." - Mother page 341

Rating: 5/5 because the story is unique and truly magical and action packed!

Spiciness: 1/5

Recommendation: To those who loves to read anything about witches, wolves, vampires and any other magical beings you could think of. 

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