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Unboxing My Kindle Paperwhite 2018


I received this as a gift. A collaboration between my boyfriend and my sister in the United States. When my Mom came home, she brought this along with her. I am thankful that my boyfriend bought it in the United States because the price difference between US and here in the Philippines is quite big. 

If you know me personally, you would know that I love books and I used to use ereaders even before it became famous. My very first ebook reader is from Sony then I upgraded to Barnes and Noble Nook. The Nook lasted for more than 5 years on me before it died. During that time, there is no new Nook device being offered and I do not have a budget yet for a Kindle - so I settled in buying the affordable Bauhn as my ebook reader. 

Even though the Bauhn is heavy duty and is still working right now even after 5 years, I wanted to upgrade to Kindle. This is my boyfriend's anniversary gift to me in advance. 

The Kindle Paperwhite 2018 or 10th generation is thinner, lighter in weight and most importantly - water-resistant. Now I could read during bath time or beside the pool or beach. Besides this new feature, it also has a Bluetooth so that you can connect an earphones for audiobooks. 

The box comes with the device and a USB connector for charging and connecting it to the computer for uploads. Amazon sells the charger adapter separately. But if you have a USB charging extension cord at home, no need to buy an adapter. 

The screen is very responsive and it has a clear and easy to read font. The screen even though it has a front light that still makes you able to read in the dark, does not produce a glare to my eyes. The ppi is 300 e-ink. 

The back is smooth and matte. It is actually available in white and black but I chose black because I do not want the risk of the dirt easily clinging to the device. 

Just a reminder though, it is known that the file format for ebook readers are usually epub but it does not work well on Kindle. The font cannot be resize or changed. I was able to do that when I converted my books into a Kindle format. 

I was amazed that I can now connect my Goodreads account in my device too! This way, I could update the books that I currently reading or finished on my Goodreads account. 

The storage is available at 8gig and 32gig but I chose the 8gig because I also do not want to load many books to make my Kindle faster. Also, I will not be able to read all the books in just one seating anyway. So I just save my favorites and priority to read on the device. The rest of my books are stored in my Calibre. 

My goodness! I love its battery power! Reading time can make it last up to 21 hours. Not using it regularly makes my batter last for more than a month now without charging. 

Besides the bluetooth able connection, it also has a wifi. When connected to the internet, you can update your profile, Goodreads, and even buy some books from Amazon. 

To all the brands of ebook readers, it is hard to find a case for it. Thankfully, my sister's wife also bought me a casing to pair it with as a gift! She even chose one of my favorite colors, Rose Gold (just like my mobile phone). When closed, the ebook reader sleeps, but once opened, the device wakes. It is amazing how original casing for Kindle works perfectly with the device in terms of synchronization. 

I am planning to collect more cases soon before it gets hard to find when new Kindle versions will come up. 

Anyway, for additional protection to my device, I saw this cushioned casing perfect for tablets at Typo. It was on sale for less than 200php! A great find indeed!

I am so happy with my Kindle. I am sure that if this one will give up on me one day, I will definitely repurchase!

Quotations: The Wicked King




"You must be strong enough to strike and strike and strike again without tiring. The first lesson is to make yourself that strong. It will hurt. Pain makes you strong." - Madoc page 1

"Angry was better than scared." - Jude page 2

"Power is the ability to get what you want. Power is the ability to be the one making the decisions." - Madoc page 3

"Power is much easier to acquire than it is to hold on to." - Madoc page 6

"It was good to be hugged. Even by a monster." - Jude page 6


"I won;t be horrible for the sake of my own amusement." - Jude page 10

"Punish me no further, and my loyalty to you will be as great as your wisdom." - Grimsen page 11


"My pride urges me to fight." - Jude page 24


"Watching my back is the perfect opportunity to stick a knife in it." - Jude page 28

"If you don't trust us, just say so. We cam to one arrangement, we can come to another." - Roach page 28

"Human bodies betray us. They get starved and sick and run down. I know it, and yet there is always so much more to do." - Jude page 29

"Let me guess. You though you could strike me, and there would be no consequences." - Jude page 30

"That's the problem with a puppet government: It's not going to run itself." - Jude page 34

"Adrenaline may turn out not to be a replacement for experience." - Jude page 34

"And now that I found in myself a taste for power, will I be loath to give it up." - Jude page 37

"There is only now. There is only tomorrow and tonight and tonight, and now and soon and never." - Jude page 37


"I've missed her too much to risk losing her again." - Jude page 39

"I'm no longer a child, and I don't need comfort." - Jude page 42


"Let's assume I know everything. Everything. Always." - Jude page 53

"Everything's a game, Jude." - Nicasia page 55

"Kiss me again. Kiss me until I am sick of it." - Cardan page 57

"If you're the sickness. I suppose, you can't also be the cure." - Cardan page 57


"But a lot can happen in a year and a day." - Cardan page 60

"Give me all the commands you want, but you'll never think of everything." - Cardan page 60


"A part of me wants nothing more than to prove I am more than what they suppose me to be - the weak and silly appointee of a weak and silly king." - Jude page 64

"I didn't appreciate you properly." - Madoc page 70

"I dismissed your capacity for strategy, for strength - and for cruelty. That was my mistake, and one I will not make again." - Madoc page 70


"Perhaps you tell yourself that you enjoy having something over my head. But in truth, I think it's that you knew no one would ever believe you. I belong in this world. You don't. And you know it." - Nicasia page 79

"I kissed him on the mouth, and then I threatened to kiss him some more if he didn't do exactly what I wanted." - Jude page 81


"I am grateful for the times you were kind." - Jude page 84

"Do not dishonor my vow by thinking it can be dismissed with a wave of your hand." - Tatterfell page 84

"Do something. I know you want to say you told me so, but I don't care." - Taryn page 87

"I have bigger problems." - Jude page 87

"When I'm with  him, I feel like the hero of a story, of my story." - Taryn page 87


"Stones grow here as they do anywhere, fed on ambition and envy and desire." - Jude page 89

"Power is infectious. Power is greedy." - Jude page 92

"I never want to be the cause of her pain." - Jude page 92

"Nothing is sweeter, but that which is scarce." - Cardan page 93

"I'm an excellent juggler. Juggling, you see, is just tossing two things in the air at the same time. No matter how many things you add, you've got only two hands, so you can only toss two things. You've just got to throw faster and faster, higher and higher. My advise, is that you learn to juggle, better than I did." - Val Moren page 94


"What has changed? Is he different because I have forced him to be? Is it because he is away from Balekin? Or is he no different at all and I'm only seeing what I want to see?" - Jude page 98

"Something is really wrong with me, to want what I hate, to want someone who despises me, even if he wants me too. My only comfort is that he doesn't know what I feel." - Jude page 98

"Even without liars, there can be still be lies." - Jude page 100

"But I believe it is only that her beauty is...unique." - Cardan page 104

Jude: I hate you
Cardan: Say it again
- page 104

"Whatever you do to me, I can do worse to you." - Jude page 107


"No matter how low I already feel, if he thinks me a fool, then a fool I must allow myself to be." - Jude page 114

"But it would be better for both of us to stop fighting each other and focus on our common interest: power." - Madoc page 116

"What if I'm more interested in the power I already have." - Jude page 116

"The only difference between tonight and all the other nights. When I endured indignities without complaint is that those benefited you, and when I endure this, it benefits me." - Jude page 117

Madoc: I didn't know.
Jude: You didn't want to know.

- page 117


"If you're asking whether I have secrets. I could easily ask the same of you." - Jude page 120

"I may be rotten, but my one virtue is that I'm not a killer." - Cardan page 121

"Do not play with me. We know each other too well for tricks." - Cardan page 122

"Legends need not concern themselves with something as small as happiness." - Nicasia page 123

"Give me an order again, and I will show you true shame." - Jude page 124


"Let me make myself clear: I do not beg for comforting reminiscences or love stories. If you have something better to give me, then perhaps I will find something for you. But do not think I need you." - Jude page 130

"But no one can escape fate." - Asha page 130


"Whenever I see her, I remember all over again how it felt to be made a fool." - Jude page 133

"You can fight anything. Winning, though, that is something else again." - Cardan page 139

"I hate you, I hate you so much that sometimes I can't think of anything else." - Jude page 145

"I hate being vulnerable." - Jude page 146

"I like him better than I've ever liked anyone and that of all the things he's ever done to me, making me like him so much is by far the worst." - Jude page 146


"I am done with being polite." - Jude page 149


"But some lies are not worth the telling." - Roach page 159

"Humans will deceive themselves." - Jude page 160

"Politics are boring." - Vin page 162


"What do I know about love?" - Jude page 169

"Pain makes you strong. Get used to the weight." - Madoc page 174


"But nothing and no one is infallible." - Madoc page 183

"No, I do not need you." - Cardan page 186

"Although I have sometimes been harsh with you, it was because I sought to make you better." - Balekin page 187

"Without me, you would be nothing. Without me, you will be nothing." - Balekin page 187


"It is said we learn more from our failures than our successes." - Madoc page 203





"I would tell him whatever you wish." - Jude page 238

"I have never been so much alone, and I have never had to play a role for this long. i feel hollowed out, diminished." - Jude page 240



"Do with me, what you will. I am yours." - Jude page 260


"At first, I tried to prove that was nothing like he thought me. But when that didn't work, I tried to be exactly what he believed I was instead. If he thought I was bad, I would be worse. If he thought I was cruel, I would be horrifying, I would live down to his every expectation. If I couldn't have his favor, then I would have his wrath." - Cardan page 265

"I wasn't kind, Jude. Not to many people. Not to you, I wasn't sure if I wanted you or if I wanted you gone from my sight so that I could stop feeling as I did, which made me even more unkind. But when you were gone - truly gone beneath the waves - I hated myself as I never have before." - Cardan page 266


"Sometimes lying is a real pleasure." - Jude page 277


"Oh, how many times have I wished that you couldn't lie? Never more than now." - Cardan page 289

"Why was I awful to you? Because I could be. Because I liked it. Because, for a moment, when I was at my worst, I felt powerful, and most of the time, I felt powerless." - Cardan page 290

"I want to be anyone but the person I am." - Jude page 298


"I wanted to show you that you could trust me to do things. I wanted to show you that I believed you'd thought it all through." - Cardan page 303

"I need to make my own decisions." - Cardan page 303

"Marry me. Become the Queen of Elfhame." - Cardan page 304


"Like you, I am not skilled at forgiveness." - Cardan page 312


The Wicked King By Holly Black


After reading the first book, I panicked in looking for the second part because it was sold out on most stores, I felt so relieved to find a copy within the next day! Now, I cannot wait for the third installment. 

Title: The Wicked King

Author: Holly Black

Type: Fiction 

Category: Young Adult

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Little Brown and Company

Total Chapters: 30 + Prologue and Epilogue

Total Pages: 322

Table of Contents: Not applicable

Summary From The Book: 

Jude has bound the wicked king, Cardan, to her, and made herself the power behind the throne. Navigating the constantly shifting political alliances of Faerie would be difficult enough if Cardan were biddable. But he does everything in his power to humiliate and undermine her, even as his fascination with her remains undiminished. 

When it all becomes all too clear that someone close to Jude means to betray her, threatening her life and the lives of everyone she loves, Jude must uncover the traitor and fight her own complicated feelings for Cardan to maintain control as a mortal in a faerie world. 

My Thoughts: 

Since I was left hanging in the first book, I have this own ideas inside my head on what could happen next. Guess what, all my expectations on what will happen is totally different from the story of the second installment! Once again, I got hooked in reading this book without stopping. Now, I am left hanging again and have to wait for the release of the last installment on November 2019. 

The book's point of view is still focused on the heroine, Jude. The major characters are the same as the first book, The Cruel Prince. 

At first, I want to guess on why the front cover is showing a crown submerged in water but it will have a significance in the plot. 

This whole story reminds me of Game of Thrones and I think I am liking Cardan more and more as I continue to read it. 

My favorite scene would be the unleash of Cardan's power. I kind of expected that he was special - but not that special! You will get it once you read it. 

The title is perfect for the story if you will also feel as frustrated as I am. LOL. You better start reading it then to understand my thoughts. 

My Favorite Line/s:

"Like you, I am not skilled at forgiveness." 

Rating: 5/5 because the story is my kind of thing and it leaves me hanging and excited for the next chapter to unfold. 

Recommendation: To those people who loves plot twists, politics specially in monarchy like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.