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Quotations: 30 Days With Paulo By Jel Tordesillas




"She looked up to him and sought his approval. She wanted to make him happy. She wanted to make him proud." - Bea page 12

"What if she wasn't that good after all? What if it was all in her head? What if she couldn't make it? How would she support herself?" - Bea page 12

"It wasn't even Bryan's fault, it was my own weak self." - Bea page 13


"Attraction was so much more than just the physical. It was objectifying the dating process, limiting it to what a person looked like." - Bea page 14

"This is impossible, how can I connect with someone I've never even met?" - Bea page 16

"You have to believe in yourself for your dreams to come true." - Steph page 17

"I wanted to connect with someone who didn't know who I was." - Paolo page 19

"How will we know if we don't even try?" - Paolo page 19

"People have the capacity to remember all sorts of memories they hold dear...but they also have the capacity to forget. The question is does a person really forget or merely entertain the idea that he or she has forgotten." - Bea page 20



"Just tell me the first thing you think of. That's usually the most honest answer." - Paolo page 24

"I've lived my whole life thinking I was going to be someone, but now, I don't even know if I have what it takes to be her." - Bea page 24


"To the woman who makes my heart sing." - Paulo page 28


"I feel like I've been doing nothing but things that other people feel are right for me." - Paulo page 31


"You can have any girl you want." - Bea page 37

"And I care about you, more than I expected, to be honest. So much more." - Paulo page 37



That's always the things with you. You always want to leave things to chance. You can afford to." - Bea page 48



"Convincing you to quit on your dream was one of my biggest mistakes. Hurting you was the second one." - Bryan page 51

"I pray every day that you meet someone who loves the way you deserve to be loved." - Bryan page 51


"Don't let fear stop you." - Miko page 53

"Body language never lies." - Miko page 54

"Nobody said loving someone was easy. What comes after falling in love is the part that matters. It defines what happens to the relationship." - Miko page 54

"Leave the past where it should be - behind you. Be brave. Leap. Leap because you know in your heart that it will be worth it no matter what. It's time to go for it." - Miko page 54


"My dear, writing is not just a dream. It's you." - Bea page 58

"To all those who are reading this. Please, please don't ever give up on your dreams. Yes, there might be detours, but it is up to you to keep going." - Bea page 59

30 Days With Paulo By Jel Tordesillas


"30 Days With Paulo has a lot of realistic situations that made me think on a whole new perspective about life, career, and love. It made me realize on the impact of choices that we make in our lives. One thing is for sure that I will keep in mind when I read this book, never let someone dull your sparkle!"

Title: 30 Days With Paulo

Author: Jel Tordesillas

Type: Fiction

Category: Young Adult

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Jel Tordesillas

Total Chapters: 11

Total Pages: 59

Table of Contents: Yes (At the end of the book)

Summary From The Book:

After meeting by chance, movie star, Paulo Avenida, tries to win the heart of cynical romantic, Bea Fernandez for 30 days. Is something waiting for them at the end of the 30-day deadline? Or is it all going to end in heartbreak?

My Thoughts:

When I read this book, I knew then that it also has a potential for a great Filipino movie! I can also imagine my favorite starts starring on this story. 

The book is short and a refreshing story - best to read when you are feeling like you need a change. Why? Because this book is full of realistic situations that happens in our daily life. All the quick or hard decisions that we make and how it can affect our future. 

To make the book more exciting, it also focuses on the "what could be" between Bea and Paulo. I cannot wait on how the characters would proceed as I read the plot. 

The point of view is from Bea's character and I feel like she is a typical Filipina who is just thriving to get by everyday and be successful both in career and love. 

I love both Bea and Paulo and I can really imagine this story being made into a movie. I am sure that it will make you swoon with their simple and yet romantic gestures.

My favorite scene was when Bea finally learned who is the real Paulo! But I will not be sharing with you who he is because you should read it yourself! :)

To make it short, the book is sweet and perfect for light reading. Something that will make you feel relaxed, focused, and inspired. 

I am proud that this book was written by a Filipino author. Writing stories is one of my frustrations because I do not have the talent for it that is why I also love supporting our own Filipino writers (or artists)!

As a bonus, the book comes with a soundtrack that you can hear here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtznwNCZqOU. It is also available at Spotify. It is a better experience to listen to this song while reading the book. 

My Favorite Line/s:

"Leave the past where it should be - behind you. Be brave. Leap. Leap because you know in your heart that it will be worth it no matter what. It's time to go for it."

Rating: 5/5 because I love the realistic situations shared on the book.

Recommendation: To those who wants to read something romantic and needs a focus on self-love. Plus, if you love supporting our own Filipino talented artists, make sure to read this one! :)

Quotations: The Lost Sisters By Holly Black


"It's the kind of thing you like. The wicked are slain, with swords no less. Vengeance is had. Boldness is rewarded. But what about all those girls, all those obedient girls who trusted and loved and wed and died? Weren't they bold, too? I bet you don't think so. I bet you think they were just stupid." - Taryn page 3

"That's your problem in a nutshell. You're judgmental." - Taryn page 3

"Everyone makes mistakes. They trust the wrong people. They fall in love. Not you, though. And that's why it's so hard to ask you for forgiveness." - Taryn page 3

"Let's start with a love story. Or maybe it's another horror story. It seems like the difference is mostly in where the ending comes." - Taryn page 4

"All stories are lessons." - Taryn page 4

"Fairy tales have a moral: Stay on the path. Don't trust wolves. Don't steal things, not even things you think no normal person would care about. Share your food but don't trust people who want to share their food with you; don't eat their shiny red apples, nor their candy houses, nor any of it. Be nice, always nice, and polite to everyone: kings and beggars, witches and wounded bears. Don't break a promise." - Taryn page 4

"How does it feel? To be stuck in a fairy tale?" - Locke page 5

"I like stories and perhaps I like you as well." - Locke page 6

"You know I hate it when people don't like me." - Taryn page 7

"I comfort myself with the knowledge that they need us, even if they don't like to admit it." - Taryn page 7

"You must be particularly kind to people. Other kids can act like monsters, but not you." - Vivienne's mother page 8

"She had no idea how dangerous a broken heart could be. You do, though. You know." - Taryn page 9

"I am not the only one who hid things." - Taryn page 10

"I wished that I could kick you. I wished I could slap you. Looking at you was like looking into a mirror and hating what I saw. And your obliviousness, in that moment, made it worse. I know it was a terrible thing to think, but at least I am admitting it. See, I am confessing everything." - Taryn page 11

"I like you. Unwisely. I am fair sure I like you far too well." - Locke page 12

"You were wondering about your place here, just like I was." - Taryn page 16

"Be bold, be bold, but not too bold, lest that your heart's blood should run cold." - Taryn page 17

"Be good, but not too good. Be pretty, but not too pretty. Be honest, but not too honest." - Taryn page 24

"Love is a noble cause, how can anything done in the service of a noble cause be wrong?" - Vivienne page 24

"You're awful. And the worst part is that you believe otherwise." - Cardan page 25

"Everything was just getting worse and worse and I didn't know how to stop any of it. It felt like being trapped in one of those circle dances." - Taryn page 26

"It was hard to stay away from you." - Locke page 27

"Love is greedy." - Princess Rhyia

"Sometimes it's easier to be mad at the people close to us. Than to be mad at the people who deserve it." - Vivienna page 35