Witch of Ware Woods by Sonja F. Blanco


Review to my Goodreads: Witch of Ware Woods is about Sara and the world she belongs to that was hidden from her as she may have a dark power that can bring destruction. Full of magic, mysteries and curses. I love how detailed the author, Sonja, did throughout the book. Each plant, tree, etc are well defined. It makes imagining the world inside the book easier. Reading the book reminded me a bit of The Craft movie because of the nature and witch craft and I am amazed how Sonja created the world of magic in this book. My favorite is the found family and their relationship to all each other. And of course SaraXThomas. The book has a lot of potential but for a first book, I will continue reading the next part of series to answer some loopholes that I find unanswered. The first 1/4 or half of the book maybe...is quite dragging but when I got over that part, I cannot put it down as I am eager to know what happens next. Plus, I am bombarded with a lot of character introduction from the start that I had a hard time keeping up until I got used to them by continuing to read the book. Last, I feel like the psych hospital scene is irrelevant and should have been omitted from the story. 

Title: Witch of Ware Woods 

Author: Sonja F. Blanco 

Type: Fiction

Category: Young Adult

Publisher: Five and Three Press

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Tropes: Found family, Slow burn romance, Bonded/Fated mates, Dark and Light magic, Magical world

Total Chapters: 50

Total Pages: 383

Table of Contents: Yes

Summary From The Book: 

Dark secrets. Dangerous power. And a fate bound to a forest entwined with magic.

Eighteen-year-old Sara is not normal, and she’s losing her grip on hiding her inexplicable power. Hunted by a dark witch and facing devastating losses, Sara finds refuge in Ware Woods—a spellbinding forest protected by witches, shapeshifters . . . and thorny secrets. Here she discovers true magic and an electric connection with Thomas, a wickedly charming and equally headstrong witch from a dangerous family.

But Sara is an outsider who has brought darkness and a fatal prophecy to the forest. To prove she belongs in Ware Woods, Sara is tested and pushed to master new magics, all while concealing the monstrous force that makes her undeniably different.

As the dark witch closes in on her and an insidious blight threatens Ware Woods, Sara must release her full power—and either save the forest and everyone she loves or destroy everything.

Witch of Ware Woods is a contemporary paranormal fantasy filled with fast-paced wonder, fierce characters, deadly magic, forbidden romance, and a world so fresh you can smell the pine trees.

My Thoughts: 

The story started with our heroine Sara who is a badass heroine by the way, she has so much angst in the start of the story that it seems she is capable of hurting someone when angry. 

It turns out that her parents were hiding the truth from her. Before she can fully learn the secret, her parents were robbed from her. She will have a found family in a world that she is not aware of. 

The book has so much potential and it is easy to assume it could be a show or movie one day. However, there are a lot of loopholes or unanswered questions for me like why does her hair turn gray and there is the scene of the mental hospital that I feel like very irrelevant to the story itself.

The first part of the book is a little struggle to read and there are too many characters introduced at once that it made it hard for me to keep up. However, after I got over the first few chapters - I cannot put it down. 

The author has an amazing imagination and she could describe everything in vivid details that I can imagine the world well. 

Point of view is focused on Sara, the heroine of the story. 

My favorite character would be Caleb, Sara's cousin. He is so lovable!

The memorable part of the book for me is when Sara uncovered her sleeping secret and her heritage. 

Before you read this book, it might contain or mention of parent death, car accident, mental disorder, abuse, rape. You might want to check reviews first if theses topics will trigger you. 

The title Witch of Ware Woods speaks for itself - as Sara is the witch of Ware Woods - the place that her parents hid her from. 

The books is magical and the author was able to combine all the magical beings in one book. Kind of reminds me a little of Vampire Diaries or The Craft. 

My Favorite Line/s:

"Trusting someone meant opening yourself to disappointment and rejection, it meant being vulnerable and dependent." - Sara page 95

Rating: 4/5 because the story is unique and truly magical. I would give it a 5 if not for the dragging start of the story and loopholes unanswered.

Spiciness: 1/5

Recommendation: To those who loves to read anything about witches, wolves, vampires and any other magical beings you could think of. 

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