Quotations: The Cruel Prince




"Grown-ups were always worried, always whispering." - Jude page 2

"Everything was boring. Everything was fine." - Jude page 2

"I was never going to be happy with you. Your world isn't for people like me." - Jude's mom page 3

"I hate you, I will always hate you. I vow it." - Vivi page 6




"Too many for my eyes to drink them all in, yet I cannot look away." - Jude page 17

"All I need is a chance to prove myself." - Jude page 19

"Don't give them any more reason to bother you than they've already got!" - Taryn page 23


"I want to feel more, but every time I look at it, I feel less." - Jude page 25

"I'm so tired. So tired. Of being powerless." - Jude page 25

"I can belong whether they like it or not." - Jude page 26

"There is nothing I can say to make them stop, and I know it. I have no power here." - Jude page 29

"I want to win. I do not yearn to be their equal. In my heart, I yearn to best them." - Jude page 31


"Eventually, it hurt too much to try." - Jude page 32

"I thought love was supposed to happen when you least expected it, like a sap to the skull." - Jude page 33

"Do you know how hard it is to always keep your head down? To swallow insults and endure outright threats? And yet I have done so, I thought it proved my toughness, I thought if you saw I could take whatever came at me and still smile, you would see that I was worthy." - Jude page 39

"But I am done being weak. I am done with being good. I think I am going to be something else." - Jude page 43


"Even if, by some miracle, I could be better than them, I will never be one of them." - Jude page 46


"Why don't you tell me how you want me to feel?" - Jude page 50

"Never? Never is like forever - too big for mortals to comprehend." - Cardan page 52


"I don't think he realizes just how angry I am or how good it feels, for once, to give up on regrets." - Jude page 66


"I will keep on hurting you until there is nothing left to hurt." - Cardan page 76

"There's no shame in surrender." - Jude page 76

"You think because you can humiliate me, you can control me?" - Jude page 76

"And to coddle your ego, I have made myself less. I have made myself small, I have kept my head down." - Jude page 76

"I will make sure you lose everything I can take from you on the way down. I promise you this - this is the least of what I can do." - Jude page 77


"Did I lie at all? Because what's so great about lying is the not knowing." - Prince Dain page 83

"Desire is an odd thing. As soon as it's sated, it transmutes." - Prince Dain page 84

"Ask me for something . Something you've never asked from anyone." - Prince Dain page 84

"I don't want to be controlled." - Jude page 87

"It's frightening to have a choice like this in front of me, a choice that changes all future choices." - Jude page 87


"Our lives are the only real thing we have, our only coin. We get to buy what we want with them." - Jude page 90

"You are nothing like us." - Nicasia page 98

"I want to make them happy. I want everyone to be as happy as I am." - Jude page 99

"There's safety in being awful." - Locke page 101

"When I find out whom you're protecting. They will be sorry they ever drew breath." - Madoc page 103


"I don't want to lose focus I am afraid that if I do, I will lose my composure, too." - Jude page 107

"But I will  make them regret crossing me." - Jude page 108

"Tell me. When will you cease being a disappointment?" - Prince Balekin page 117

"I do it because I love you. I do it because I love our family." - Prince Balekin page 118


"Yeah, I can see how that's a real talent. Not having to say what you mean." - Roach page 122

"Poison may be a coward's weapon, but it is an effective one." - Prince Dain page 123

"I'm not supposed to believe anything you say." - Roach page 127


"Try not to be too much of a disappointment and we'll have your back." - Ghost page 130

"But if I can't laugh, maybe I'm not so fine after all." - Jude page 131

"Everything matters." - Locke page 133

"Nothing there would be the same without you." - Locke page 134

"I am tired of caring, why should I?" - Jude page 137

"Nice things don't happen in storybooks, or when they do happen, something bad happens next. Because otherwise, the story would be boring, and no one would read it." - Taryn page 138

"Be happy for me." - Taryn page 138


"I will have much to repay him for. I will make him proud f me. Everyone else, I will make very, very sorry." - Jude page 144

"If only everything in my life were so easily resolved." - Jude page 146

"Why don't you ever trust me with him? I'm not a monster! I've never done anything to either of you." - Jude page 147

"I am coming unraveled. I am coming undone." - Jude page 148


"I do not understand why he likes me, but it is exciting to be liked." - Jude page 153

"You are nothing. You barely exist at all. Your only purpose is to create more of your kind before you die some pointless and agonizing death." - Valerian page 156

"Everything is slow and perfect and makes no sense at all. This can't be my life. This feels nothing like in my life." - Jude page 165

"See their vulnerabilities, the cracks in their armor. You've got to know them to beat them, right? I don't say you'll like them any better, but you don't need to like them." - Locke page 166

"I have braved worse things." - Jude page 169


"That's what he likes. To ruin things." - Nicasia page 173

"I feel worse and worse still for how cruel I am about to be." - Jude page 184

"You're not allowed to cry, you must not cry. I will slap you if I have to." - Jude page 184

"Does helping one person really matter, on balance?" - Jude page 185

"Once I have power, I will find a way to help them all." - Jude page 185

"I hadn't been listening. I hadn't wanted to hear her, I'd just wanted to save her." - Jude page 193


"No one stops me. I am vulnerable enough, I will keep what dignity I can." - Jude page 195

"I have tried to be better than them, and I have failed." - Jude page 197

"Instead of being afraid, I could become something to fear." - Jude page 197

"I am desperate. I will take any comfort there is, any comfort at all." - Jude page 199

"You did a brave thing. Be glad of that. Not everyone cam be brave. I'm not always." - Vivienne page 201

"When there is a lost of power concentrated in one place, there are plenty of scraps to fight over." - Oriana page 205

"If I cannot be better than them, I will become so much worse." - Jude page 210


"Maybe my messed-up life turned me into someone capable of doing messed-up things." - Jude page 216

"But we all want stupid things. That doesn't mean we should have them." - Jude page 219

"There is little good in me. But I owe you a debt, and I have sworn to do the best by you that I know how." - Madoc page 224

"I cannot forgive him, but I cannot hate him, either." - Jude page 224


"I have a place with them and a purpose." - Jude page 229

"Do you love me enough to give me up? Isn't that a test of love?" - Locke page 231

"If you hurt me. I wouldn't cry. I would hurt you back." - Jude page 231



"I don't want to pretend that happened is anything other than horrific. I don't want to disguise my disgust." - Jude page 250


"Do what I say and I'll delay the pleasure of hurting you." - Jude page 257

"Do you really think I care if you're comfortable?" - Jude page 263

"True power isn't granted. True power can't be taken away." - Jude page 267


"One doesn't have to lie to deceive." - Jude page 274

"Was it fun to deceive me? Did you like the feeling of having something over me?" - Jude page 276

"I'm a mirror. I'm the mirror you don't want to look at." - Taryn page 277

"I am so angry, angry at so many things. I hate that I was afraid. I hate that I was tricked. Fury roars in my head, lough enough to drown out my every thought." - Jude page 277

"I want to do something but I do nothing." - Jude page 279

"I feel exhausted and utterly, completely defeated." - Jude page 279

"I hate everyone. I just don't hate them enough." - Jude page 279

"It will not end well. But I will not stand in front of your happiness. I will not even stand in front of misery that you choose for yourself." - Madoc page 281

"You loyalty is to your family." - Madoc page 281

"There's no point in fighting if you're not intending to win." - Madoc page 281

"If you want my advice, love doesn't grow well, fed on pain." - Madoc page 283

"No one can really plan for every variable, though. That's ridiculous." - Jude page 283

"Sometimes, when I look at you, I'm not sure if you'd even know how to be human anymore." - Vivi page 287

"It frightens me to thing myself so vulnerable." - Jude page 287

"What if the way I am is the way I am? What if, when everything else is different, I'm not." - Jude page 289


"But he is what he is. He cannot be other than his nature." - Jude page 296

"The odd thing about ambition is this: You can acquire it like a fever but it is not so easy to shed." - Jude page 297

"But maybe being a monster was my calling." - Jude page 297


"This is weakness, to put fear above ambition. Above family, above love, but it feels good. It feels like being powerful." - Jude page 301

"I smile a lot when I'm nervous." - Cardan page 301

"Charmers are charming, but that's all they are." - Jude page 304

"I wanted to frighten you, but I never wanted you dead. I never wanted anyone dead." - Cardan page 304

"Most of all, I hate you because I think of you often. It's disgusting, and I can't stop." - Cardan page 307

"You really do want me and you hate it." - Jude page 307


"You're not going to run because you've got nowhere to go." - Jude page 310

"I am going to offer you something better than your life." - Jude page 316

"How many promises can I make before I find myself accountable for them?" - Jude page 319


"I will help you as long as I am not the only one." - Severin page 329

"If you need me, I will do what I can." - Severin page 329

"You can want me to agree to something without even knowing what it is?" - Jude page 334


"Bold, that's what i need to be. Like I own the place." - Jude page 336

"Whoever controls the king, controls the kingdom." - Jude page 339

"You're a dirty liar and I hate it and I hate this." - Viviene page 340


"But making people like you, making people want to take your part and be on your side - that I am far less skilled at." - Jude page 344

"I turned out to be useful after all. What a terrible surprise." - Cardan page 344

"I do not have endless patience." - Balekin page 347

"If you live your life always afraid, always with danger on your heels, it is not so difficult to pretend away more danger." - Jude page 349

"I have often wondered if my past is the reason I am the way I am, if it has made me monstrous." - Jude page 349

"But he is who and what he is. I know he cannot promise." - Jude page 351


"The thing I like best is how you never do what I imagine you will." - Locke page 357


"I have done the thing, and now I must live with what I have done. I have lied and I have betrayed and I have triumphed. If only there was someone to congratulate me." - Jude page 367

"I will be your puppet. You rule." - Cardan page 370

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