Welcome To My New Blog!


Hello everyone, this is Christine and welcome to my second home, All About Reading 101. My new outlet for my innermost thoughts. A place where I could vent out my happy thoughts, personal experiences, insecurities, and even the negativity. A Blog that caters to book reviews and quotes that I got from each book. A simple and yet happy space for me.

The reason that I started this new blog site is to simply share my love for books and to open up my thoughts because sometimes I have too much on my mind that I do not know on how to express myself right. I wanted it to be a separate place from my other blog(www.allaboutbeauty101.com)that contains full of positive vibes, beauty, and fashion related things.

My niece's psychologist suggested to her that I decided to apply to myself is that in order to be more relaxed and to be able to think clearly, you have to write down your thoughts and I started this new blog site of mine instead of a journal - to save paper and to make my thoughts open to the public. 

I do not plan on making this huge like my beauty and fashion blog. This is just a place for avid readers like me and to those who might want to relate on my thoughts and ideas. So please, if your opinion differs from mine, just let me be because like I said, I wanted this to be my diary.

Just to get you updated on my posts, I only created one social media account for this blog and it is in Instagram, follow me at @allaboutreading101.

I hope you will still support this blog as much as you had supported my other site! Hope to interact with all of you soon!

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