Unboxing My Kindle Paperwhite 2018


I received this as a gift. A collaboration between my boyfriend and my sister in the United States. When my Mom came home, she brought this along with her. I am thankful that my boyfriend bought it in the United States because the price difference between US and here in the Philippines is quite big. 

If you know me personally, you would know that I love books and I used to use ereaders even before it became famous. My very first ebook reader is from Sony then I upgraded to Barnes and Noble Nook. The Nook lasted for more than 5 years on me before it died. During that time, there is no new Nook device being offered and I do not have a budget yet for a Kindle - so I settled in buying the affordable Bauhn as my ebook reader. 

Even though the Bauhn is heavy duty and is still working right now even after 5 years, I wanted to upgrade to Kindle. This is my boyfriend's anniversary gift to me in advance. 

The Kindle Paperwhite 2018 or 10th generation is thinner, lighter in weight and most importantly - water-resistant. Now I could read during bath time or beside the pool or beach. Besides this new feature, it also has a Bluetooth so that you can connect an earphones for audiobooks. 

The box comes with the device and a USB connector for charging and connecting it to the computer for uploads. Amazon sells the charger adapter separately. But if you have a USB charging extension cord at home, no need to buy an adapter. 

The screen is very responsive and it has a clear and easy to read font. The screen even though it has a front light that still makes you able to read in the dark, does not produce a glare to my eyes. The ppi is 300 e-ink. 

The back is smooth and matte. It is actually available in white and black but I chose black because I do not want the risk of the dirt easily clinging to the device. 

Just a reminder though, it is known that the file format for ebook readers are usually epub but it does not work well on Kindle. The font cannot be resize or changed. I was able to do that when I converted my books into a Kindle format. 

I was amazed that I can now connect my Goodreads account in my device too! This way, I could update the books that I currently reading or finished on my Goodreads account. 

The storage is available at 8gig and 32gig but I chose the 8gig because I also do not want to load many books to make my Kindle faster. Also, I will not be able to read all the books in just one seating anyway. So I just save my favorites and priority to read on the device. The rest of my books are stored in my Calibre. 

My goodness! I love its battery power! Reading time can make it last up to 21 hours. Not using it regularly makes my batter last for more than a month now without charging. 

Besides the bluetooth able connection, it also has a wifi. When connected to the internet, you can update your profile, Goodreads, and even buy some books from Amazon. 

To all the brands of ebook readers, it is hard to find a case for it. Thankfully, my sister's wife also bought me a casing to pair it with as a gift! She even chose one of my favorite colors, Rose Gold (just like my mobile phone). When closed, the ebook reader sleeps, but once opened, the device wakes. It is amazing how original casing for Kindle works perfectly with the device in terms of synchronization. 

I am planning to collect more cases soon before it gets hard to find when new Kindle versions will come up. 

Anyway, for additional protection to my device, I saw this cushioned casing perfect for tablets at Typo. It was on sale for less than 200php! A great find indeed!

I am so happy with my Kindle. I am sure that if this one will give up on me one day, I will definitely repurchase!

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