Quotations: The Modern Faerie Tales By Holly Black





"Guys don't like weird." - Janet page 13

"You always make things up." - Janet page 14


"Even a badly managed lie would bound better than the truth." - Kaye page 24


"Minimizing my karmic damage." - Kaye page 50

"Don't be a bitch." - Kaye page 51


"People do not visit me. Being social to me is like, tempting the apocalypse or something." - Corny page 56

"Whatever you want you get." - Kenny page 62

"I can't stop thinking about you." - Kenny page 64

"I mean it; I can't get you out of my head. You're all I think about, all day long." - Kenny page 64

"I want to stop wanting you." - Kenny page 64

"Is there some excuse that I could give you that would make it better? Some explanation that you would find acceptable?" - Roiben page 68

"I have little choice in my obedience." - Roiben page 68

"Anger was making her careless and stupid." - Kaye page 68


"Time will tell. It always does." - Thistlewitch page 85


"I don't know, I don't know, I don't know! Can't you understand that I don't know anything at all?" - Kaye page 96

"I don't want to wake up someplace with a screwed-up memory and nobody ever believing me." - Corny page 102

"After all, when you were already in a slippery place, reality-wise, you couldn't afford to assume that things would be straight-forward from here on in." - Kaye page 102

"You can hardly blame me. It is my nature. And it has been a very long time." - Kelpie page 105

"Cripple things are always more beautiful. It's the flaw that brings out beauty." - Kelpie page 110

"You said you wouldn't leave me behind." - Corny page 116


"I want everything that's not for me." - Corny page 122

"What would it be like to be a puppet? What would it be like to watch your own hands disobey you?" - Faye page 129


"I just didn't want you to know. I know you'd be mad." - Kaye page 135

"You think you know everything, don't you? You think that the world is so easy to understand. You don't know me at all - you don't know one single thing about me." - Kaye page 135

"You think that it's enough to want things. You think that if you just want and want then you're going to magically get them." - Kaye's grandmother page 136

"Nothing but hard work gets anyone anywhere. Even then, people don't get what they want. People just suffer and no one knows why they suffer." - Kaye's grandmother page 136

"You can't rely on luck." - Kaye's grandmother page 136

"I want her to have the future she wants." - Ellen page 138

"I can't sleep. I can't eat. All I can do is think about you." - Kenny page 144

"You can't have what you can't catch." - Kaye page 145

"How dare any of them make her feel awkward? How dare they make her measure her words?" - Kaye page 145


"Everything is balance. Everything is ritual. Everything is pain." - Roiben page 153

"You can break a thing, but you cannot always guide it afterward into the shape you want." - Roiben page 158


"You look so fragile. I'm afraid your heart will break."  - Nephamael page 119

"I would give anything for her release." - Roiben page 171

"Are you not absolutely my servant in all things? Have something of yours I do not already possess?" - Queen of Unseelie Court page 171

"What belongs to you, yet others use it more than you do." - Roiben page 174


"One day, someone is going to cut that clever tongue of yours right out of your head." - Roiben page 187

"You're one twisted young man." - Ellen page 195

"Everything has consequences." - Kaye page 198

"Everything is always easier when considered black and white, isn't it?" - Roiben page 200

"Are you completely heartless?" - Roiben page 202

"I thought we were going to be honest with each other. What manner of honesty is this?" - Roiben page 202


"How had he gone from being someone she half despised to being the one person she was relying on, in the space of mere hours?" - Kaye page 207

"You don't know where your loyalties should be." - Spike page 208


"Once you told me that you would do anything to prove your love for me. Would you still?" - Queen of Seelie Court page 230

"She hurt you. I know that, but you will forgive her in time. you always forgive her." - Ethine page 233


"I'm angry. You're screwing around while we have stuff to do." - Kaye page 284

"I'm here because you are kind and lovely and terribly, terribly brave. And because I want to be." - Roiben page 235

"I want to keep him." - Nephamael page 246


"End this or I will end it for you." - Queen of Seelie Court page 256

"I have been patient enough. It is long past time for you to return home." - Queen of Seelie Court page 256

"I will never be powerless again. Whatever it takes." - Corny page 260

"I am your servant. Consider it done." - Roiben page 261




"We have to be a single unit with one goal - winning." - Val's coach page 274

"Doing something other than waiting felt good." - Val page 277

"She was exhausted from the effort of keeping it together." - Val page 281


"I tell people everything. People only believe what they can handle: That's how I know who to trust." - Lolli page 291

"She had a habit of trusting too much, being too passive, too willing to believe the best of others and the worst of herself. And yet, here she was, falling in with more people, getting swept along with them." - Val page 294

"Tell your friends to take more care whom they serve. It's always the messengers who are the first to know the customer's displeasure." - Man from the store page 296

"You can't tell me what to say." - Lolli page 298


"Another thing about rats. They're neophobic. You know what that means? They don't trust new things. And neither should we." - Luis page 309

"Stay. You won't believe how much fun you'll have." - Lolli page 312

"And I wasn't sure I trusted you yet." - Dave page 313

"It's always trash day somewhere." - Dave page 314

"If you think, it's nice, someone else probably will, too." - Dave page 314

"Don't eat or drink anything or you'll be more fucked than you already are." - Dave page 321

"Believe what you can handle believing." - Lolli page 325

"I know all about liars." -- Val page 326



"It was strange how when crazy things happened, it was hard to follow the tracery of reasons and impulses and thoughts that got you to the crazy place." - Val page 336

"I never asked for you to be my knight in shining armor. I can take care of myself." - Lolli page 337

"You don't need any help. You have everything under control." - Val page 337

"People buy what they're told to buy. They don't know it's ugly, or maybe they do and they think there's something wrong with thinking that." - Lolli page 343

"You can't tell me what to do." - Lolli page 343

"I don't care. You're boring. Maybe I would love you if you weren't boring!" - Lolli page 345

"You can't talk about me like I'm a thing." - Lolli page 346

"Someday you're going to wish you didn't talk that way." - Dave page 346

"Sometimes you wind up doing a lot of crazy stuff that you can't believe you did." - Lolli page 347

"You can't go back. You change and you can't go back." - Lolli page 348

"It's a long way to travel just to come right back." - Lolli page 352


"To know your target's weakness, that is intuitive genius of great liars. Though the Folk differ greatly, one from another and from place to place, we are alike in this: We cannot outright speak that is untrue. I find myself fascinated by lies, however, even to the point of wanting to believe them." - Troll page 359

"When a man tells you he's going to hurt you, believe it. They always warn you and they're always right." - Val's mother page 360

"We can be cruel to those that cross us." - Horned creature page 368

"What makes you think I'm not the one of the bad people?" - Val page 372


"Fuck you. You know nothing about me." - Val page 375

"Because it sucks to be me." - Luis page 378

"Would you have all of us be judged now by the reason of our exile." - Tiny creature page 381

"I will make you terrible as you desire." - Ravus page 396

"But nothing can stop you from being terrible once you've learned how." - Ravu spage 396


"Just because some thing is a bad idea, doesn't mean you help doing it." - Lolli page 402

"That's the most important thing, balance." - Ravus page 403

"Speed, timing, and balance. Those are the things that will make you into a competent fighter." - Ravus page 404

"Thinking makes you slow." - Ravus page 404

"It doesn't matter. I want to fight." - Val page 411

"Pain was no excuse, nor illness. It was all supposed to feed my fury." - Ravus page 411

"That is my flaw and I don't want it to be yours." - Ravus page 412

"You are good. You hate not being great." - Ravus page 412


"I know you were lonely." - Dave page 418

"I'm sorry I was such an asshole." - Ruth page 421

"There's someone I have to say good-bye to. I can't just disappear." 0 Val page 428


"It is my habit to know things." - Mabry page 440

"I thought maybe you wanted me to kiss you. Sometimes I thought I could see it." - Val page 441

"We both know that I am a monster." - Ravus page 442

"I know what I am. What would you want with a monster?" - Ravus page 442

"I'm not very good at explaining things." - Val page 442

"I had thought better of you. I had thought everything of you." - Ravus page 445

"Humans. Liars, all of you." - Ravus page 445

"Had she wanted to go back and change everything, but lacked the power?" - Val page 446

"You know, people don't cry when they're sad. Everyone thinks that, but it's not true. People cry when they're frustrated or overwhelmed." - Ruth page 446

"An imaginary problem needs an imaginary solution." - Ruth page 447


"You think you know me." - Dave page 462


"You used to be so eager to please." - Mabry page 468

"No one like loose ends." - Mabry page 469

"I wished for you to come. I shouldn't have, but I did." - Ravus page 471

"I'm surprised you care." - Val page 473


"It's easier to get forgiveness than permission." - Luis page 479

"I owe you some trust, Valerie, so here it is. Don't make me regret it." - Val's mother page 481

"What good is his heart to you?" - Mabry page 486

"I can't fall and I can't fail." - Val page 489


"It was easy for me to believe that your kisses were false." - Ravus page 499

"I hope that you feel for me as I do for you." - Ravus page 499

"I would remain nearer you for what time there is." - Ravus page 504



"Somehow, I wonder if you are speaking to me at all." - Nicnevin page 512

"Your weaknesses are not for me to know."- Nephamael page 512

"Never again, he told himself. No matter what they said or made him do, he would not react. He would become as indifferent as stone." Roiben page 514


"I don't think it's that simple, I mean it's almost impossible to protect yourself from people." - Kaye page 521

"Disinformation was worse than no information at all." - Corny page 522

"If he wanted answers, he was going to have to go right to the source." - Corny page 523

"I have my own thoughts on the subject. I care nothing for the opinion of others." - Roiben page 526

"It is a weakness. My affection for you." - Roiben page 526

"You are the only thing I have that is neither duty nor obligation, the only thing I chose for myself. The only thing I want." - Roiben page 527


"I will not step down and I will not surrender. You may say to your mistress that having tasted freedom, her service no longer tempts me. You may tell her that nothing about her tempts me." - Roiben page 529

" How many times would he be caught off guard like this? How many times could he be made a fool?" - Corny page 531

"I want to prove that I love you." - Kaye page 539


"Maybe you can lie if you push yourself." - Corny page 550

"You mostly can make people believe things without actually lying." - Kaye page 550



"I'm sure I could list more things about you she hates,  but I think you get my point. Whatever she wants, we want the opposite." - Corny page 582

"I don't belong here." - Kaye page 586

"I'm turning things around. I want another chance." - Ellen page 587

"I don't understand what you are." - Ellen page 589


"And I don't want to screw up your life more than I already have!" - Kaye page 594

"You don't know anything about me." - Corny page 599


"I do not see that you care for my feelings any more than she does." - Ethine page 613

"Let her explain. Let her be your friend again. Forgive each other." - Ethine page 614

"This is where I belong if I belong anywhere at all." - Roiben page 615

"Why do you want me to think the worst of you?" - Ethine page 615

"There was nothing to do but keep going until despair finally froze her." - Kaye page 624

"Perhaps like great pain, great loveliness must be forgotten." - Kaye page 626

"I know what it is to give up something you desire." - Silarial page 629

"I'm not so vain that I cannot appreciate that you outwitted me once, nor so foolish that I cannot understand your desire to preserve your own life. Let us be at odds no more." - Silarial page 631

"There are other ways to persuade you, but I do not like to be cruel." - Silarial page 631



"What it's like finally being so powerful that no one can control you?" - Corny page 654

"The more powerful you become, the more others will find ways to master you. They'll do it through those you love and through those you hate; they will find the bit and the bridle that fits your mouth and makes you yield." - Roiben page 655

"You must risk something if you wish me to risk everything." - Roiben page 658


"You must see that it would be madness to keep me against my will." - Ethine page 670

"We all have people we love that we have to protect." - Luis page 670

"Look, I don't know what happens next, I don't know how we fix things. But I can't just disappear forever without saying good-bye." - Kaye page 684


"I don't know if I can ever forgive you. But it's the middle of the night and I'm too tired to listen to your excuses. I'm exhausted from worrying." - Corny's mom page 694

"Whatever you loved, that was your weakness." - Corny page 701

"I really did want you to touch me. I couldn't tell you that I wanted you. So now I get what I want and it kills me." - Luis page 705

"There's no one to care what I do anymore." - Luis page 705


"You're my problem. You're my people." - Corny page 713


"I won't ask you to forgive me, because I don't deserve it, but I did love you. I do love you." - Roiben page 725

"What makes you think it matters what I feel? What makes you think I feel anything at all?" - Roiben page 733


"You'll always be my baby, Baby." - Ellen page 743

"You know us humans. We talk an enormous amount of shit." - Corny page 748

"Look, I just don't want you to keep hiding things from me or hurt my feelings because you think it's going to keep me safe, or sacrifice yourself for me. Just tell me. Tell me what's going on with you." - Kaye page 749

"It hurts. To feel again. But I'm glad of it. I'm glad of the pain." - Roiben page 749

"I loved you too much to trust you. I failed." - Roiben page 751


"How can I free you when I can't even free myself?" - Cardan page 771

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